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Urinary tract infection: symptoms you must know

Urinary tract infection is an extremely unpleasant health issue. It can sometimes be very painful. But the pain is not the only symptom. There are some signs of this health problem that everybody should know. By suspecting the sickness in time, you can hope for UTI treatment to be more effective and faster.

The main symptoms

As it has been stated before, the pain is not the only symptom of urinary tract infection. You can suspect UTI if you notice:

• an extremely storing, often and urgent need to urinate;
• a strong pain, reminding of burning, when you are urinating;
• the specifically strong smell of urine;
• different color of urine. It can appear cloudy, dark;
• blood in the urine;
• urinating only in small amounts.

The pain usually is sensed in the pelvis area. It can be characteristic to both women and men. These symptoms usually are a sign of a bladder or urethra infection. But in some cases, the kidneys UTI treatment is needed. This usually happens if the infection isn’t treated on time.

The main risk factors and ways of prevention

It is a well-known fact that usually urinary tract infection is more common in women. But that doesn’t mean that men shouldn’t be aware of the risk. Usually the infection starts because of the suppressed immune system. This can happen if you have, for example, diabetes. UTI can also happen if you recently had some kind of urethra examination or operation.

For women, there are more ways to get an infection. It can happen because of the menopause or just female anatomy. Moreover, sex can be the reason. The risk of UTI is higher if you use spermicides or have a special diaphragm for birth control.

The good news is that UTI treatment is usually very effective. Mainly antibiotics are used for this. You can also drink some special teas. It should not be forgotten that in many cases UTI can be avoided. To do this, you should drink a lot of water. Also, you should wipe your anal area from front to back.

Emptying your bladder after sex, if you’re a woman, also helps. You should avoid feminine products, sprays with a strong fragrance. Many doctors say that daily panty liners shouldn’t be used at all. By doing so, you can avoid not only UTI, but other health issues too. Taking care of your well-being is not difficult and your body will always be grateful for the attention.

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