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The way of my future

When I was a little kid I dreamed of working for an aviation law firms or something like this. Controlling an airplane seemed like a very difficult but interesting profession. Just the sky, the stars and I.

When it all started?

For those who think that work in such a profession is easy, I’d like to say –  no. First and foremost, you need to be patient, always able to handle any situation and it’s not the place for  improvisation as thought at first. Many aviation law firms offer more law and marketing positions not an airplane controling but I wanted combine more than one profession.

My first time

The first time I tried to operate the airplane I was so excited that I felt like I a star. Literally it was such a good feeling ,,driving” that big heaven’s bird that I felt like an amazing star. People seemed to be so small when I looked from such a high so I felt very powerful and that day that moment I just confirmed to myself I will definitely work for one of aviation law firms.


Why law?

A couple of times before I mentioned law not by accident. My parents have been working in the law for all their lives. They have been promoting me to relate my future with this scope from an early age but it’s all right, because I like to be lawful and always want to do things in a legal way and discipline others to do the same.

Today I work for one of aviation law firms. I have dual education of university. Of course, my parents are the happiest parents in the world just because I finished my law studies but I am more than satisfied that I can control the airplane and my work day be in the sky not in the office.

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