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Podcasts – new hipster thing or trendy way to earn money?

Probably you heard about podcasts. That thing is very popular nowadays and sometimes are even said that is a trendy hipster thing. Nevertheless, is it hipster thing or not – everyone who ever listened to podcasts could say that is really good thing.

If you would ask me, how I found this attractive to me? I would say, that podcasts are not limited about one topic. As long as I was interested in games – I found a channel where people were talking about and analyzing interesting stuff for me – like strategies, player’s behavior models and so on.

After some time that I spent to listen particular gamers podcasts – I decided to make one by myself. I thought, why not, if games are my life and I have pretty much knowledge and experience to discuss and talk about it. So, here starts my career and most important – income from podcasts.

If you wanna do the same, here are some tips from me:

  • Talk what you know best – choose the game that is not only popular, but also you know things about it.
  • Share your experience, thoughts and use some gamer jokes – shortly, be engaging.
  • Build constant auditory. That’s the most difficult part but once you did that, all things gonna work.

Good luck and wait for my second blog where I’m going to tell you more about it!

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