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Plan before you design

Ever wondered, how a betting website would look if it was an app? This is not only useful for various developers, but also users as they can see the possible issues and contact support about them.

Look at the app

Apps are getting more and more popular these days – it even looks weird if a website can only be used via browser and there is no app that can be downloaded. Of course, it takes a lot of time to develop and debug an app.

For this reason, there are websites where you can check out possible, but not yet existent apps. It allows you to get to know the product better, see the possible design and decide whether this app would be interesting for you.

Suggest fixes

Another reason, why you should take a look how a betting app might look like is to sort out what could be the possible bugs and find fixes to them before they are released live.

Using this website, you could see for example that your favorite CSGO betting website doesn’t get the design it had as a website, or maybe it becomes harder to select and bet for your favorite team.

Checking out the possible app design is very important for developers, but it’s also crucial for users. By using this, they can contact support and suggest some edits to make the website even better than it was.

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