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Home caring tips for teeth

With all wisdom teeth, people should have 32 teeth, without – 28. Every tooth has to be carefully checked to find any dental problems. Sometimes it can be just brown stains, which are made from tobacco, coffee or other unhealthy habits. Yellow teeth can show some heath problems, however, most of the time it is not dangerous. If you feel any discomfort or pain, it is better to visit the best dentist in Dublin.


• Start this test, when you are at home. With no ruse, start with the mirror. It is the best, if you are having a specific dental mirror. It is easy to put in the mouth and see all the places. The light it is important, too. Doing it in the dark and with the wrong light can not help find the problem.

• Start with one side and gently move to another. Do not skip anything and make everything with slow moves, it will help to find problems – if there are some. It can be a hole, black spot, crooked and etc. The best dentist in Dublin will help to solve these problems.

• The most important thing – do not miss the lines between teeth. Go with the circle moves – to top to down. Do not miss any spot – and do it very critically.

• Look which color your teeth are. Maybe it is the time to do teeth whitening? You can make it at home. However, it is not dangerous for your teeth.

• Moreover, do not forget to check the gums. If the gums are puffy, red, sensitive – then it is the time to go for the dentist. Also, the bleeding should come from there. The best dentist in Dublin works even in Saturday, so if you are busy at work days, it could help.

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