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Addictive to computer games. And I like it.

Computers were my passion from the very early ages. OK, my first computer was not so good, only some ancient games were working and I didn’t know anything about an internet. I remember that when we decided to get our very first internet connection, we were even afraid to read an e-mail too long (money, money, money). Basically our first internet connection was used only to read emails really quickly – we didn’t use browser. I even didn’t know what a browser was.

Little by little I started playing some games which was given by my classmates. I remember playing racing game. It was just AMAZING.

And after some time better computer was in home, and even later – internet connection with fix monthly cost.

And I started browsing. I started playing computer games online, meeting my friends and strangers all over the world at a virtual world. We mostly enjoyed playing Counter Strike, where we could bring a challenges to each other.

CS has always been one of my favorite games to play. Years after years of playing this game I… well I grew up and had to find a work. As I was studying at university and working as barista I started thinking how could I earn money from my hobby – CS games. I had a lot of skins from CSGO which just were in my inventory. And then I found out about esport and that you can place a bet using these skins which even have some value in dollars.

After 2 months spent on researching which site I should use I made my first bet. And it was a victory! Soon my barista career was done and all I’m doing until now is basically living by playing computer games and watching other matches.

Am I addictive? Yes. But I have a wife, children and can earn money from being where I want. Today I participate in several esport gambling and enjoy this thing.

Just a few tips for new guys:

  • Find a site which offers good odds and can be trusted
  • Don’t spend all earning by placing one bet for one match
  • Use some promo codes to get free coins at first and to test if you like a site (example of CSGO Gambling Code)
  • Don’t forget all your friends and personal life
  • Have a separate job from gambling until you will become pro and will be able to live only from esport.


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