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4 Steps to Resolve a Dispute

Conflicts are normal and healthy part of our life. Sometimes it is just impossible to avoid them. While communicating with friends, family, partners or strangers we tend to express our opinion which often differ from others. Dispute resolution is very important if you want to reach a mutually-agreeable.

1. Try to Watch Your Reaction


The first thing you should do when the conflict arises – try to control and manage your own reaction. If you stay calm, it can help not to escalate a situation and withdraw from the interaction. You should know that conflicts naturally trigger anger, so even a little bit of anger can grow to a big conflict. Moreover, negative emotions have unfavourable health effect, and even more unrestrained anger can lead to violence and aggression.

2. Analyze The Problem


Another important aspect in dispute resolution is problem analysis. During a conflict it can be easy to lose an argument and express all negative emotions. Before it you should ask yourself what you want and what other person wants. It can help to find out what is the reason of dispute.

When you know why the other party is upset, you may be able to solve the problem and find a best solution. Maybe you said or did something wrong ant that hurt another person? The best choice in this kind of situation is just to apologise.

3. Look For a Solution


Trying to focus why the other person is wrong is not the best thing in dispute resolution. If you want to be an effective you should firstly figure out a solution and be prepared to guide a conversation. It is not always so easy to find a compromise when you disagree with someone.

4. What is Your Goal?


Before approaching another person, you should consider what do you want to achieve. Maybe in this case the dispute is not the best choice? If you have a goal, you should firstly to explain it for others, sometimes it can be resolved just by talking.

Effective dispute resolution can make your communication easier, so why not try it?

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